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North King Country Development Trust is here to help you - whether you're new to business or an established business. Watch our video and find out a little more of our expectations and how we can help you get your business off the ground, or grow it.

Got a great business idea but need funding to get it off the ground?

North King Country Development Trust will consider investment in businesses in most industries and those in the early stages of growth.

There are two types of funding that North King Country Development Trust offers to those who operate within the area identified as the North King Country region:

  1. Interest-free Loan - to be paid back over a period agreed by both parties
  2. Grant - funding for Research, which isn't required to be paid back

Can I apply for funding?

If you are looking at/or are operating within the North King Country district, you are eligible to apply for funding from the North King Country Development Trust. There is no age restriction.
There is a two-stage part to the funding process:

Stage 1 - Business Mentoring
The Trust can fund up to 5-hours business mentoring or business advice to allow applicants to increase their knowledge and develop more robust, comprehensive goals and business plans.

Stage 2 - Funding Assistance
Those applying for funding assistance must be able to demonstrate that they have undertaken some form of mentoring (with or outside of the Trust) before submitting an application. The Trust can provide up to 80% of the total initiatives costs - which means there is onus on the applicant to raise funding from other sources.

Let's get started...
Fill out the application form and we'll get the ball rolling on your venture. Please answer every question as best you can. The more you can answer the quicker the application process will be.

Funding the Trust won't allocate for

North King Country Development Trust will not allocate funding to:

  • Vehicles of any kind
  • Projects that do not contribute to the funding criteria (not within the North King Country district)
  • Travel or conference attendance
  • Completed projects / retrospective funding
  • Loan / Debt repayment
  • Research that has already been undertaken
  • Alternatively, any application at the discretion of the Trustees.

For more information about eligibility, please contact the Trust admin@nkcdt.co.nz


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